Floortje Dessing

Floortje is Holland’s best known travel show presenter. She’s been traveling the world extensively since 1999, and has visited a great many destinations since. Currently she hosts “3 op Reis” for what will be it’s eight season. 

Trips Floortje has made include, to name just a few, one over land from Amsterdam to Bhutan, she’s traversed the Arctic Circle and she has visited numerous remote islands all across the world such as Amsterdam island and Pitcairn Island. Probably her most inspiring journey has been a trip to the isolated and remote North Korea. Being only the second travelshow ever to visit this remote country and thus making Floortje one of the few tv-presenters ever to present a show from within and about this county. Yes, the travelling spirit runs thick through Floortje’s veins and yet there are so many places she still wants to discover! Being at home for more than a week hardly ever happens for Floortje. 

Dennis Storm

Dennis is the ‘tough guy’ among the presenters: On his trips he’s always on the lookout for adventure! For BNN, he has travelled to some of the most inhospitable and rugged places our planet has to offer, everywhere from the Brazilian jungle to the Australian Outback. In season 7 he explored the European Union. By visiting all twenty-seven (!) EU-countries in a single season, he showed our viewers that further isn't always better when it comes to traveling!) Most recently he explored the U.S. and Taiwan. 

Furthermore Dennis really enjoys going on cross-country road trips, while being on the look out for the extreme and the unexpected along the way. After undertaking on such a demanding, strenuous trip Dennis really enjoys some relaxing in style! 


Geraldine Kemper 

This 25-year old has seen quite some countries at this early age, but is eager to see so many more. Starting out at 3 op Reis Summertime she went on to host our main program with trips to Curacao & Bonaire. Since then she has visited amazing places like Valencia, South Africa and Cape Verde. Coming season Geraldine will visit a couple of great destinations like Peru!  

Evi Hanssen

Our newest crewmember is the Belgian presenter Evi Hanssen. In the current (eighth) season she travels to Finland, Iceland and the cities Paris and Antwerp. Evi gives Dutch viewers an enthusiastic look into her own hometown Antwerp. Where she shows all the secret places of the city. The French-speaking Evi then travels to the rugged coast of the French place Brest and her final stop: Iceland!

Chris Zegers

Chris Zegers visits the most beautiful places around the world. Of the silver mines in Bolivia to the largest salt flats in the world, and then off to Argentina. A pretty impressive trip! With a spectacular and hot end in the stadium of Boca Juniors in Buenos Aires. This last season he has traveled to Sri Lanka, Montenegro and Indonesia.


BNN – TV Profile

BNN is Holland’s most wayward public broadcasting network. BNN provides about 325 Television- and 2000 Radio hours per year. With its remarkable, original and tantalizing programming – always trying to break new grounds and sometimes crossing over fixed borders– on radio as well as on TV, BNN knows how to attract the attention of young people.

In a recent survey held by a renowned research bureau, BNN was named as thé network for young people in The Netherlands.

BNN – New Media

Besides being a popular radio- and television broadcaster, BNN is an innovative player in the field of new media. On average 2 million unique browsers visit our websites every month. This makes us one of the best performing non-commercial channels on the Dutch web. As of 2012 bnn.nl has cemented a spot in the top most visited broadcasting sites. Not in the least because of our successful ‘3 op Reis’ website and its 315.000 pageviews every month!

3 op Reis Profile

The Dutch travel show '3 op Reis' (translated as 'Channel 3 Travels') is a TV-series about travelling and tourism. It's broadcast every Sunday evening at prime time (8pm) on one of the best viewed networks in the Netherlands!


Our presenters travel the world in search of the most inspiring, beautiful and unique travel destinations, resulting in two travel reports per episode. Our travels vary from long journeys to remote and unknown areas to visits to exciting cities and accessible destinations in- and outside of Europe. 


In our 30-minute episodes we want to inspire and inform our relatively young audience (or even more important: young at heart) with a mixture of our presenters' experiences and adventures, beautiful shots of the destinations, interaction with local people and the hidden gems no traveller wants to miss! 

Especially this last point is a major aspect within our show. We want to show the things you won’t normally see. Go off the beaten track basically!


'3 op Reis' is the leading travel program on Dutch television and is produced by a team of passionate travelers. After we finished our sixth season, with good reviews and even better ratings. We've made a spin-off of our show as well: ‘3 op Reis Summertime.’ This show has a unique character and its own audience. ‘3 op Reis Summertime’ shows the viewer the best holiday spots which have not been ruined by mass tourism yet. 


Sustainable travel is an important element for us and we hope to, not only entertain, but educate people as well. For more information and previous episodes, please browse our website. Should you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! You can ask any question via the form on the bottom of this page.

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